Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Jackson getting his treat out for Santa
Opening gifts Christmas morning
Allory got Jackson Woody to go with his Buzz (for "being a big brother" as he would say)
Seven grandchildren in just under 5 years!!

And you wonder who Lucy got her hair from...
Owen and Maggie

So excited about his new "tools"
"The Hulk" was trying to take out Papa

Brayden wouldn't take off his glasses during most of the gift opening

What a great Christmas we had with our families. After having the whole Burkholder clan over for Christmas Eve, we celebrated with the Heth family and Burkholder family on Christmas Day. Jackson was so excited this year for Santa to come and to open all of his presents. Allory slept through most of the days activities so Jackson helped her open her gifts. Thank you so much to our family for all of your help the past month - we really appreciate everything. We love you all so much!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Preschool Christmas Tea

The only real way to eat an O-R-E-O!

Jackson had his first Preschool "Concert" aka Christmas Tea. The kids did a great job sitting in front of all of the parents that came to see them perform. They sang 4 songs they had been practicing during class. The teachers decided it would be less intimidating if they sat down during the first "performance". After the singing, we had snacks and visited with other parents and classmates. Great job Jackson - you were awesome!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

He sees you when you're sleeping...

Jackson...and Allory's first time sitting on Santa's lap. Jackson was scared the last couple of years to sit with him. It was so much fun and he had a list of things he asked Santa for :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lucy June

Lucy June Elyea arrived Thursday morning via C-Section. Kristen and Jared had to be up at the hospital around 5:30 to get checked in and ready for her to make her entry into the world. She was 8 lbs and 21" long - almost the same size as Allory. As you can see, she has a head full of dark, thick hair and looks a lot like Kristen's baby pics. We are so excited for them! Colton did a great job as well when he first met his little sister. Kristen and Jared didn't know what they were having until about 4 weeks ago when the dr. accidentally slipped and told them!!! Needless to say - a little girl was a great surprise. Allory and Lucy are going to have so much fun growing up together - finally more girls in the family. Congrats Kristen and Jared - we love you guys.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So sweet...

Our baby girl : one week old

Allory Mae

After my epidural - Adam took a few pics of my stomach during contractions! Her butt was straight up in the air just under my ribs.
She has Jackson's big mouth!

I had bought a boy and girl baby book 5 minutes before Hallmark closed..I was having contractions in the store and left for the hospital 2-1/2 hours later.

Dr. Hartmann delivered Allory and came back in afterwards - he took this picture for us!

She found her thumb really fast.

Proud Daddy
Jackson holding Allory's hand for the first time.

Our two children!!

Proud big brother.
Monday, November 24th at 12:28 am - Allory Mae Burkholder joined our family. Adam and I went into the hospital Sunday evening about 8:15 and labored through some awful contractions until I got my epidural at 9:45. Dr. Hartmann delivered her after 3 pushes, the cord wrapped around her neck and a little blue. The staff at the hospital was great. Allory was 8 lbs. 1 oz. and 22" long....a lot less than her 9 lb. 7oz. big brother. What a relief for me :) She is doing great - eating well, and starting to get into a sleeping habit. We are so blessed to have such beautiful children. God is GOOD! Thank you to everyone who has sent messages, stopped by and brought us meals. We really appreciate all of you.