Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Our handsome nephew

Brayden enjoying his Elmo cake that Gigi Burkholder made - it turned out fabulous

I love his expression watching his new train go around the track for the first time.

Brayden and his girlfriend Maya - going for the older women, like his uncle Adam.

We spent Saturday afternoon celebrating Brayden's first birthday. It's amazing how fast this past year has gone. He is such a happy little man. He did a great job handling all of the people that showed up to celebrate with him. Great party Russ and Sarah - we had so much fun.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Made with Love

Before Jackson was even born Carol Reardon (Brad's {Adam's best friend} wife) made this fabulous sweater. When we first got it - it seemed so how time flies. This fits him perfectly now and is so crazy to think that almost 3 years ago, she made this for him. Thanks Carol for being so talented!

Morning Beauty

After a long night on the couch, trying not to wake my husband from the loud chest cough that has set in - I woke up to this. There is nothing I love more during the winter than iced tree branches being lit up from the sun's warmth. With all of the crazy cold weather we have been having - the sun is always a much needed pick me up. I can't imagine living in Alaska this time of year and not seeing much of the sun. Happy Winter...bring on the Spring :)