Wednesday, August 08, 2007

CMU Weekend

The girls: Em, Tracy, Melissa, Kristen, Jessica, Brooke & Christine
(it's amazing that we all met 10 years ago on the 8th floor of Cobb)

Brad & Em

Beer Pong

So...the house had a pool.

Nice hair Gorris!

This past weekend, we had our annual Central Weekend with a handful of our friends that we went to school with. Emily and Christine organized the beach house in New Buffalo, just down the street from the lake. We all had a great time and enjoyed the time off from work. Thanks everyone for a great weekend.

Friday, August 03, 2007

The trusses are up!

We are finally making some progress on the Pole Barn. In the last two weeks, Adam has gone from an open area to a large frame, trusses, and shingles! It looks so good and we couldn't have done it without the help of many friends and family. Thank you Dad Heth and Dad Burkholder, Tom, Brent, Kelly, Dan, Matt and Mike. We really appreciate all of the helping hands. Next step is the concrete - that gets poured Monday! Only 4 weeks left until school starts officially, so we are hoping to get a majority of it done by then. Thanks again!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Jackson would spend all day fishing in the creek if we let him. His fishing pole now has a little lizard attached to the end of it (since the fish was lost in the trees)....and he thinks it is great. He is getting really good at casting and loves the outdoors. He was trying to rock me in the hammock and almost flipped us - we love our backyard. Thanks to Grandpa - we miss you:)

Running bases!

The Burkholder Boys

Practicing his pitching.

The traditional thing for most little boys to do after a baseball or softball game is to "run the bases"...Jackson was so excited to get out on the field where Daddy and Papa had just finished up their championship season :) The pictures say it all.


Tons of cousins!

Jackson and Brayden (they just love each other)
For those of you who have attended Burkholder Family functions, there are always Jello Shots. Well, Gigi Burkholder knew that it wouldn't be fair to let Jackson just watch all of the big kids enjoy the jello, so she made some special ones just for Jackson. He was so excited to have them. Aunt Sarah did a great job teaching him "how to" do it correctly (as seen above).