Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thumb Sucker!

Look at those dimples!

So...Owen is 3 months old now and doing fabulous! He is so precious and happy all the time. Maggie and Aaron are doing a great job with him. My favorite picture is the top one of him sucking his thumb! He is the first baby that I have seen do this...ALL the time. My how time flies.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kelly's Bachelorette Party!

Kelly was pampered all day...and got to play all night. We spent last Saturday playing games, going on Scavenger Hunts, decorating Christmas Ornaments for Kelly & Paul's Tree, and dancing! We had so much fun with all of the girls celebrating with Kelly. Katie planned an awesome party and we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for a great night ladies!

Happy Birthday Lolo

Lauren Elise turned 2 in August and I just now and getting a chance to post some pictures from her Party. What a ball - she had a princess cake and was so excited about it. One shot above is all five Heth cousins (all within 2-1/2 years of each other) much fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Special Prize!

So...Jackson is finally potty-trained and going on the big-boy potty all the time. What a champ. It really only took a couple days for the potty part. The pooping was another story. He had a special surprise waiting for him as soon as he pooped on the big boy potty. Aunt Judy (from Colorado) sent over an entire box of Pez dispensers when she heard that Jackson was using this as incentive. He was so excited when he opened this box full! As you can see, he and Dad were having fun looking at all of the characters. We are just excited for no more diapers!! Thanks Aunt Judy :)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Congrats Nate and Amanda

This past Friday Nate and Amanda Armstrong got married in Rochester Hills. What a beautiful wedding and amazing day. We had so much fun. You two did a great job planning, it was perfect. Thanks for letting us be part of you day. Congrats again!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Future Cousin - Dylan (Aaron's Nephew)

Future Cousin - Olivia

Cousin Owen

Maggie, Becky and I took the kids for a walk a few weeks ago. The kids had a ball playing together. Next July - Maggie and Aaron will be getting married, and we will add more cousins to the mix! Congrats Mags - we are so happy for you two :)

Dinner with the Fowle's

So....Jackson is a little bigger than Alex, for now anyways.

Jackson - posing for a picture!
After a short busy summer, we were finally able to get together with the Fowle's. Mike, Erin and Alex (who just turned one in July) were home from camping and came over for dinner a couple weekends ago. It is so hard to believe how fast these kids are growing - how time flies.