Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Christmas Picts.

Christmas time is always so much fun in our family. I have a couple of pictures that I took that day. And yes - my mom is crazy and does stockings for the entire (all 17 of us) family. Jackson and his cousin Lauren (6 months younger) love their Uncle Jared. Jackson was so proud of his new Blue Ball (Ornament) from GG Burkholder - he hung it on the tree as soon as he got home from the Burkholders.

Up and Running!

Okay Lauren and Jen...this is for you two. I am going to attempt to keep up on this. Life has been so good for us the past two years, we have no complaints. Jackson is almost 2 years old and the love of our life. He is such a great little man. We have been busy with life in general - trying to spend any time we have with family and friends. I have a couple of pictures from the past couple of months that I will share for now - but I promise to try to keep up with you dedicated bloggers:)